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Our only goal is to tailor to your goal, all you have to do is touch base, and we’ll assign you to one of our photographers who will discuss your production needs further. Throughout the entire process, your images will be shared with you via a private online link so you can have constant input and be able to monitor progress.

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Time Lapse Photography short and long term can be extremely effective for promotion and marketing. Long-term time lapses are great to have of construction builds, providing updates of progress to board meetings and investors, or to be used as excellent digital advertising displays on interactive boards surrounding the sites.

Time Lapse Photography Leeds

To shoot long-term is more expensive and requires extremely advanced equipment depending on the quality requested. For extremely high quality, one needs to look at a DSLR with a constant power supply, wide-angle lens, fitted in stable and clear housing to be protected from the elements, with a method of remote checking to ensure that the necessary settings are on continuously. Short term shoots for nature, people, traffic, etc. can be done at a much lower cost. For these shoots we use the ‘Holy Grail’ technique, where it is done completely manually, to guarantee the absolute best quality end product – no flicker etc. – check out the fog on our landing page logo clip.

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